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#151633 - Our mother returned home so me and Rachel put on some pajamas and went down stairs for some supper. FUCK ME BOYS…FUCK MY ASS AND PUSSY my mother shouted as me and Rachel lay together shouting OOHHHH YESSS YESSSS FUCK US MUM YYEESSSSSS It was like it was raining cum, I came another big load and so did Rachel, then my mother came as she was being fucked from both sides, then my brother mike came up her ass and john came up her pussy. My brother seeing me naked didn’t bother me as like with my sister, we had seen each other naked before, experimenting with each other when we were younger, although I have never done anything sexual with mike, apart from learning to kiss with him and touching his cock (to see what it felt like, no hand jobs were given), I had often fantasized about it.

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