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#242980 - Then her center finger goes into the folds and into her moist cavern, she coos as she’s sliding her finger in and out of herself when the door opens and there stands her father, he’s her rock and he isn’t supposed to come in without being invited but here he is, standing there at the foot of my bed looking down at me with my eyes partially closed acting like I’m asleep. With that I looked into her eyes, I said is this a fantasy or is this real because right now baby, your story has me really worked up and from what I’m seeing so are you and with that I pull out her hand and replace it with mine and we do what she’s told me in her story but this time it lasts all day and when we finally get out of bed she asks if we really need to dress anymore, I smile saying well if that’s the case, I’m sure you’ll be having me in you much more then, she smiles saying I wouldn’t want it any other way daddy.

Read Free Porn Amateur Senpai-chan to Ore. Retu - Original Negao Senpai-chan to Ore. Retu

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