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#27321 - After she had managed to gain a foothold on another branch she said she was ok! So I very reluctantly removed my hands from her luscious firm bum cheeks and descended the steps and moved them away. The thought of her doing this brought my morning half woody to its full size and once again whilst drinking in the scent and taste of her pussy on my tongue, I began to jerk myself off until I spewed another load of my cum on the bathroom floor. I was certainly not prepared for the sight that I saw; as her short skirt was flared out, and at the first glance, it looked as though she was not wearing any panties.

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Koko tsukishima
I wish i had two nose to stick in both smelly assholes at once with two dicks getting twice as hard
Well yes but unlike the vagina which after being stretched out tightens back up after a few hours the as s hole takes longer