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#256789 - Eric- She is so pretty I can’t wait to fuck her Mistress hasn’t let me cum in three days and my dick is so hard it’s going to be hard to drive we don’t have to go very far. Nat- That felt so good after the pain I want to do it again when Eric moves I continue to lick Mistress pussy she taste so good and when she cums she soaks my face and climbs off me I look down and see blood in the bed I get scared and she looks at me and says its ok I knew it was going to happen. I ask Liz how do she think the girl would do and she tells me that she thinks Molly will do fine she was a straight A student with all she was going through I ask if I knock her out for the trip home and she says no Molly wants to be loved and to have someone to care for her she hasn’t been a problem and she really likes Michael I say ok and close the file as a knock on the door I look up to see D has entered and I shake his hand.

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