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#396904 - Oh, mom, Hillary moaned, I think Tommy only likes me because of my boobs, I wish that just once a guy would pay attention to me for me!!! Carol Higgins came up behind her daughter and gave her a hug and said, Now listen to me, Hillary, you're darn lucky to have such a large and pretty chest, most girls would give their eye teeth to be in your position, so stop complaining and give thanks for your good fortune!!! Hillary leaned back into her mom and replied, I don't mean to complain, mom, but when you were my age didn't you have problems with guys always wanting to get inside your bra!?! Mmmmmm, yes, Carol replied, when I was eighteen every boy in my senior class wanted to take me out!!! Weren't you disgusted with them, Hillary asked incredulously!?! No, I wasn't, her mom replied, I always felt that it was better to be wanted than not, so I took it as a compliment and just rolled with the punches!!! But mom, she fairly wailed, just look at t

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