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#248099 - “there’s one” Brad whispered as he subtly pointed to a women walking alone, “see were she goes” Josh replied softly as the women turned a corner into a dust filled alleyway josh and brad looked at each other they knew that this was there best shot trying to look as inconspicuous as possible the pair quickened their pace and crossed the street and rounded the alleyway corner. The next few second flew by as she launched her self as Brad clawing at his eyes as he fell backwards her punches and kicks were no match for brad who quickly slammed her on the floor and held her thought, her face went scarlet as the life was being squeezed out of her, Brad a sadistic smile painted across his face josh felt the knife has he stepped just behind Brad. The motion of his comrade fucking the women made her ample tits rock back and forth josh wished he had met her in the US.

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Cure heart
Very fucking nice
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Dem dbz tattoos tho
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Sexy figure