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#319059 - After a day of fucking all three in all their holes , Jimmy had brought them all to to the bathroom ,Joyce was first , he told her to open her mouth & swallow which she did , she got the majority of the yellow champagne, then Phyllis got a sample , followed by Cindy who only got a drizzle( that would change later today he thought) Chapter 3 Jimmy stopped watching the porn & grabbed a beer from the fridge, Cindy & Joyce were still in the footstool position , the 20yr old & 50 year old sluts waited til Jimmy finished his cold beer , Then lead by their leashes, Jimmy brought his mind controlled skanks into the bathroom . He had brought her over last Thursday & now mom & Cindy were best of friends Jimmy smirked. First he put a dog collar ON CINDY'S NECK FOLLOWED BY JOYCE'S , THEN OF COURSE A LEASH .

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