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#245592 - Goldie was now boxed in by The Three Black Bears without a clear path of escape but he wasn’t afraid though who could say if it was bravery in the face of danger or ignorance to his situation. Goldie came to a sudden pause, frozen in a moment of fear and bewilderment; something had been vexing him for a while now but he’d only just realized it, he should have reached Blackhaven by now; he knew he had been walking in a straight line but it was as if he had just been wandering around the forest in circles for the past few hours but as he looked around it seemed that he had somehow gotten lost. At first he thought his mind was playing tricks on him but the closer he got the more he realized the cabin was indeed very real.

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Takane d. goodman
Perfect please make more
Asuka ninomiya
Ok i need to know what lipstick this is