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#38002 - None of the Chinese crew could speak English and after the captain of the tanker, tired of his loud vocal rants, had placed him in solitary confinement for almost a full 26 days! Then after the tanker docked in the North east port of Buenos Aires, he had first been turned over to the Argentine authorities, and then finally taken to the British embassy! The whole sorted affair had taken well over a month, and until he had contacted those it the British government, no one had any idea that their yacht had been pirated and his wife Lady Jane, and their two young daughters had been kidnapped! Even then he had been reluctant to confess the true details of his black market diamond inspired trip off the Somalia coast! Because his wife Lady Jane had connections to the Royal family their was political pressure for some sort of concerted rescue to be attempted and these SAS women Louise Vanessa Sara and Corky were going to be the ones to attempt it? Lord Vattendaul had finally made contact

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