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#15259 - So we started to suck each other, her Little Cunt tasted so sweet I licked it all over and I continued to poke my tounge into her little Slit it realy excited her as she forced her little Cunt down onto my face, “ Ohh yes Poppy that makes me tingle suck it suck it poppy you are better than my Daddy, OOOHHHH OOOHHHH yes that is it ! what you are doing is making me want to do this all the time” “ Mary what I am sucking is your Clit and you have a very big one for a little 12 and a half. “Please , Poppy shoot your Hot Spunk over my cunt so I can rub it into my cunt then I shall be your little Slut and I promise you will be the only one I shall let to fuck me, but if you tell me to fuck other men or boys I will do as you say because I will be your Slut”. Sally said by the way Mary did you knock on my door “ as mommy was going out of the room.

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