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#152177 - one evening i returned home from work very happy and excited after getting the promotion i have been trying very hard to get lets just say triple my yearly wage which has now enabled me to pay off all debts that threatened my sister and i with losing the family how so with those out the way and no longer weighing down on our minds i returned home from work with the great news only to find Nicky laid out on the sofa asleep still in her night wear, gently placing my work bags on the floor next to the sofa continue to wake her up asking Nicky if she had gone to school to day of course its Nicky we are talking about so like the lazy bitch i no her to be she replied no Rick i didn't think it was a school day you no what i'm like with keep track of the days what do you expect me to do with you how are you going to take care of your self after graduation if you graduate, good thing i got that promotion i continued to say with a gleaming look in her eyes she jumped up t

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