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#69509 - However she has been played with by others at least a half dozen couples and over the years about 50 single men! She has been masturbated dildoed paddled and led around by her nipples and cunt lips using duct tape and rings on a leash ( Another of her fantasy's) and has had no idea who did it and never asked as she did not want to know the answer! It is also quite interesting to see a white straight laced church going woman allow herself to be taken to a place naked bound and blindfolded wearing nothing but a coat and have no idea where, for sex! The anticipation and uncertainty as to what might or could happen to her was the biggest turn on as the sex part was just frosting on the cake! In retrospect I think she let me do this in hopes that something or someone or even a bunch of well endowed horny men would come by and make one of her fantasy's come true! As she allowed me to, and willingly let me do this time after time! Many times I would threaten to leave her out n

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Elizabeth bathory
Lexi dona is the total package she definitely has it going on better yet when she takes it all off and has wonderful sex
Eris boreas greyrat
He is amazing who is this guy
Miu amano
Beautiful looks like aubrey addams
Kaede saitou
So hot