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#56981 - “What did you think about the ending?” she asked kind of not knowing how to word it I managed to come up with “it was great but yours will be better” and with that I helped her out of her panties and into a sitting position with her legs spread on the toilet and started to put my dick into her but then I thought about it and realized I really didn’t want to take my sisters virginity in a bathroom it just seemed like it should be different, more special so I just ate her out again taking care to make it as good for her as I could. ” My words seemed to slowly sink in but that didn’t stop her from kissing me and I didn’t stop myself from kissing back it seemed like that was her way of responding to me and finding out how I really feel then abruptly she broke the kiss and left smiling. I headed to my room but she stood in my way blocking my way to the door “we need to talk” she said “ok, what about” I said cautiously “why is it wrong for us to love each other?” she asked I tried to find a

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