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#356379 - i ran out of my room picking up my car keys as i was decending down the stairs then opened my front door then unlocked my porshe 911. i finished my run at 7 then went to my bedroom bathroom and took a shower then got dressed i went down stairs with a fake smile on my face saying morning my lady maid answer me saying good morning sir your parent have gone to work and ur bag is in your car i simply answer with a meaningful thank you when i got to school i parked in my usal space and light up a ciggarette. i turned around to face him fully and said stop staring at me he walked over to me and said i like looking at you what mind games are u playing i shouted at him your fucking straight he said to me i know i am but i cant get you out my head i said to him try harder to get me out your head i just had a break up and im not going to take your shit kyle? he asked yeah i said he put his hand on my back and said he is more of a jerk than u know leon i walked out of the dete

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