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#266763 - My wife said so I thought you were leaving her anyway? He said ya but they batter not to stop a worse fight sorry. Well we got to talking because it kind of got me horny again and I noticed she was to! We were just talking about it and I didn’t catch it at first but we were both kind of beating around the bush talking about it So I just bluntly asked so do you? Julie said do I what? I said so do you want to fuck him?? She said WHAT?? had that wired look on her face as O shit what should I say look ??? As if it was a test to get her in trouble or something ! I could see it in here thinking o crap what should I say? So I said well? She said well It kind of crossed my mind but not really! why? I then told her it kind of turned me on thinking about it and then we talked about it some more. Well we finely decided if we did we could do it on our high school reunion night! We all will be in the same town and time! So she asked frank if he was serious next time he started it up again

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That was cute nice way to do a first timer
This was pretty gross imo
Wow lily