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#305568 - When I got there Luke was all excited, I said look dude, here’s the drill, I saw these two ladies last week take on five guys and they were fucking awesome, so, I booked them for the night but, you’ve got to tell them that Jason is getting married and he’s the man of the hour, ok, that way they’ll be working him over when I come in and after that, it’s every man for himself, and from what I saw, all holes are open for business, his eyes lit up and about that time Tim came in and he filled him in on the plan. Went around the house looking in quietly and when I found the window that had the party in it I watched outside and there is when I saw mom and the other woman stripping for the guys and letting them touch her and fuck her after a bit. So after an hour I went in as always and played with her nude body, she seemed to be now sleeping that way which was much easier on me to say the least.

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