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#419855 - but, its in a similar state now” I said shyly and apologetically “oh, I see” mom laughed “not too surprising at your age though I suppose” she smiled knowingly “make the most of it, it doesn’t remain that easy when you get older, most women will tell you that” she said almost with a sigh. “without the knickers please” I said forcefully, it was like she was under my spell, willing to do anything, she reached behind and slipped her knickers slowly over her round ass, exposing her bare sexy ass and as it peeled down I could just see her pussy in between her legs, you could see she was wet as the knickers peeled very slowly from her lips as if they were stuck and then you could see them glistening. “there you go” I said as I walked off towards the door into hall.

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You are a goddess
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It rains it pours it rains it pours