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#150529 - ok, well what about becky then? why becky? laura said suddenly you like her dont you?. laura laughed, are you affrad?. becky said with a giggle, she too leaned in and the two shared another kiss, this time though laura still had hold of beckys hand, and under the table, out of steves site, laura took beckys hand and placed it between her legs and slowly moved it up and down on her clit, then with her hand on top of beckys laura used one of her fingers to push one of beckys fingers into her pussy, becky slowly moved her finger in and out of lauras wet cunt, laura kept her hand on top of beckys to keep becky fingering her as they stopped kissing and looked back at steve, laura reached for her glass of wine, took a sip of it then placed it back down and ran her finger around the rim, steve new that becky was fingering laura now, and acting completly unawear he proceeded with his next line, i knew you two would like kiss i just knew it.

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