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#290505 - The Humans are breeding like rabbits so working alone and in secret I'll convert the fourth part of my city into living spaces for my Nerothians and connect it to the other parts of my city, when the three Unas die of old age I'll go abduct 3 more. As I stated before a child born by two Goa'uld or a Gou'uld and a Human is called a Harcesis, the child won't have the increased strength, perfect health and longevity of a Goa'uld but he/ she will have all the knowlege of the Goa'uld and when he/she is old enough he/ she can tell my Nerothians that I'm not a god but a serpent who takes Humans as hosts and uses technology to pose as a god and this I cannot allow. Before being set free Osiris and the Tok'ra queen Egeria were trapped in their statis jars for thousands of years which proves that as long as the conditions are right Goa'uld symbiotes can live indefinately, however without our sarcophagus's when we die it's permanent

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