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#298086 - Why?” “I need you to confirm the kids can go up there, I’m going to message Kelly…you are going to prove this is about learning to control through submission, or you don’t get to orgasm. She was told not to clean herself up after I was done with her. Preface: “Kelly…what the FUCK was going on at your place with videocall…when did he leave? I expected you over here earlier than your husband getting home!” “Lori, my puss is HIS…I have given myself to him, COMPLETELY! It felt so easy to give myself to him, to give him control of me…it was so liberating to take control of my puss…to knowingly take control and give it to him…I have never felt so in control of myself, and comfortable with giving that control to someone…” “Kelly…what the actual FUCK?” “Lori, he wants you to know he wants a fresh, tight puss when he delivers tomorrow, that I’ve set the bar pretty high today…no sex with your husband tonight…no touching yourself tonight…just have the curtains closed and be ready to give hi

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Jujuku shunamur
I know right
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Her body very_very sexy