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#110057 - After lunch we returned to her bed and I spent the afternoon with my cock in her mouth or pussy, we showered again and were in the lounge when mom came home, she asked how our day had gone, “Ok mom, I just hung around the house” Hailey said “Same old same”, dad came home and we ate as a family, then he was off to the golf club, it was committee night and they had an important item to discus, mom went to her sewing room and finished off the curtains she was making for her sister, Hailey and I sat watching the TV for a few hours then I went to bed, Hailey followed half an hour later, she sneaked in and kissed me, “Want me to stay home tomorrow”? “If you want” she slipped her hand under the covers and rubbed my cock, “No wanking tonight then” with another kiss she left, I was so tired I was asleep in no time.

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