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#319698 - After about ten minutes he was just about to give up when all of a sudden there she was, striding forcefully towards the store room!!! She opened the door and disappeared inside, which left Harry with a dilemma, what if she was setting a tr?ap for him! Jesus, she was beautiful, he thought, it's worth the risk, and anyway, I can always deny it!!! Harry gave one more look around to make sure no one had followed her, and then quickly made his way to the store room door, and after taking a deep breath, he turned the knob, pushed the door open, and went inside! Sweet jesus in heaven, he blurted out, there on an old file cabinet was Marilyn Combs, with her pants and panties off and her legs spread wide, an open invitation to fuck her!!! Come on, Harry, she pleaded, my pussy is absolutely on fire, fuck me hard and fast!!! Harry practically tore open the front of his pants, and then proceeded to give Marilyn the fucking of her life!!! He pounded away on her cunt until she had

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