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#277049 - i snaped out of my little day dream when claire wispered like what you see in my ear in a very sexy tone i jumped and started to say sorry when she cut me of wispering hot aint thay dont worry i've had those thoughts too this was very surpriseing as i had only known this woman a few months and she was always so reserved to reveal somthing like that she must feel relaxed around me wich only got me horrnier than i already was she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and turned too her girls sayin give amy a hand with the bags matts going to show me around as she draged me to the front door i looked over at amy who gave me a funny look one i had never seen her use befor. I stood there in complete shock for a few minutes at hearing my daughter talk to me like this i couldn't beleave it my daughter was sitting on my bed naked begging me to take her virginity she looked up at me again with a pleading look and just said please daddy i want to learn. After a few minutes amy stopped

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