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#413582 - I picked up there new toys and unpackaged them, added the batteries and placed them on one bed before settling into a chair opposite it, Cassie got out of the tub and after towelling down, placed a second towel on the bed and lay on it with her legs pointing directly at me, she fiddled a little with her rabbit and it whirred into action, adjusted a few setting and began to rub the gyrating head over her clit and pussy, when she was happy with the settings she gradually began to insert it into her hole, the revolving beads were soon working their magic on her pussy lips and the noise was not unlike a washing machine as her juices were sloshing from her pussy, in fact she only lasted a few more minutes before she arched her back so that only her shoulders and feet were touching the bed, one hand was clutching the bed covers and the other was holding her new toy fully home, the beads and her pussy were now covered in a white frothy cream as she shuddered to a orgasm, her buttocks then cra

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I loved this
Shiho kitazawa
Name is real girl tattoo