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#331346 - Whilst still in the toilet, Sue called to ask how long I would be, I told her very soon, as I was doing what she most likely had come down to use, she laughed and told me she wanted to be ready for today's fun, as I walked out Sue gave me a huge kiss, the brazen hussy was naked, I told her that the site does get visitors from time to time, she replied they would get to see more than the rock, and went into the toilet, asking me to wait, we chatted though the wall, talking about mainly sexual stuff, when she finished we walked across the top of the rock back to camp. With that Dave waved and 4 more guys walked up, Joe and three new faces, they told us their mates didn't believe them so they thought why not come back and prove it, the girls soon had their cocks out and sucking on them, all to soon they were impaled on new hard cocks, this looked like being a long night for the girls. We both had several good orgasm like this, then we let Sue up, her arms covered in cum, I licked

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