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#24067 - By Wazza I was just 10 year old when my mother went to live with her sister Daddy said she Loved her sister very much but she would come and visit us now and then. When I heard Daddy say this it made me want to do things all for my Daddy so I could please him and make him LOVE me more. Joel got me to try on the Panties and I was looking at myself in the Big Mirrors, so I looked over at Daddy and he was looking at me with Panties on and he said “By the time you are finished Joel will have you looking like a Little Girl” with that he run his hand over the BULGE in the front of his Pants, and Joel also had a BULGE in his pants, they both said “ you are starting to look very Lovely” Then Joel handed me a Dress that just covered my Panties, and Joel said to me “Swirl around and show off your Panties” so I did what was asked of me, with that my Daddy unzipped his fly and took out his BIG COCK.

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Musubi tendouji
Lol really thought i was the only person who still have pillows in adulthood i m not so embarrassed anymore
Would never waste a drop of your tasty juices