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#217125 - I tell him ok and he tells me to go and get some food he also tells me that I might want to get an energy drink and I playfully tell him I am not old like he is and he laughs as we walk down to the kitchen a few girls are checking me out and he says look out they all want to fuck me as I look at them and smile I tell him that I want to fuck them too he tells me business comes first and I tell him I know I get paid to fuck. I look at her and my dick gets so hard as she tells me that she can only cum while being hurt and I know this was set up to see how I would do. After the Princess leaves, I lay down I am so tired I see why Rob had me drink an energy drink she was a lot of work.

Read Comedor COMIC KURiBERON 2017-12 Vol. 62 Shaved Pussy COMIC KURiBERON 2017-12 Vol. 62

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