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#275201 - Louise pursed her lips, “Oooh Willow, you think me some kind of dishonest lady?” Willow simply giggled and shrugged her shoulders, “Well?” “Pfft… As it happens,” she started in a sing-song voice, “It was two nights before I first picked up this doe, if you must know!” she said, mirth in her voice, speaking between husky pants, she was drawing close, she had been at it much longer than Willow, after all. It had given them plenty to talk about as they drank and talked, her little clique of school friends had been kinder to Willow in regards to her special extra than her mom had experienced, Louise’s generation had been less open and understanding, and thought Willow had found herself with fewer friends than most because of it the friends she did make she knew liked her for her, seeing past her flaws and making their bond all the stronger because of it. ” she asked softly, her cock half hard in her pants as she chewed on her dark painted lip.

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