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#334737 - As I came over to Daddy and Joel I took my Little Dress off so they could see me in my Little Panties and also they could see my little hard cock, Daddy got to me first putting his hand down the front of my Panties so he could play with my Cock, Do you like Daddy playing with you, this is the first time, I have got up the courage to get you in the NUDE and Play with you, Your Mummy has been saying for the last couple of years why don’t you get Little Crissy, SEE Below ( Mummy always called You Crissy as she wanted a Little Girl to Play with, as Mummy is a Lesbian That is why she went to live with her Sister June) Below To get into bed with you, he will make a good Fuck for you, also you could teach him how to use the Strap-On Dildo and you could get him to FUCK you up your BUM not that I mind doing it to you but it would look lovely seeing my Little Boy Fuck his Daddy.

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Odion ishtar
8 kilos too heavy tits too small loves the d though