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#56133 - I guess that’s a woman logic, but I have to admit I was secretly hoping to see her at it again with another guy, so I came straight out and asked her what she was expecting me to do for her to speed things up as she put it. “ thought you would like to see that” she said as she recovered “but that’s for later, you and I are going to hit the town tomorrow, you are going to get me another new cock”. I found out that she was picking the guys up at of all places the Sainsbury supermarket coffee shop, apparently all she did was sit close to a good looking guy engage him in conversation, tell him about her cheating worthless waste of a husband she had and then it was back to ours, knickers off and legs spread and his arse going like a fiddlers elbow, I know this as she took great pleasure in telling me after her second guy had came and went that’s how she was going about it, the second guy had not cut the ice too well with Alison as he came too quickly so no seconds for him but she

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Rei sakuma
Would anyone rather see a remake of code veronica or re4
Toshi tsukikage
Very good