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#137821 - H, which is short for horse, or as you high and mighties would say is heroin!!! Feels real nice doesn't it, he continued softly, kinda makes you feel like you're just floating away!!! Well, at least that's what I've been told, he said evilly, I never touch the stuff myself, I always just say no!!! Her arms, having long since been released by Big Solly's henchmen, now draped over the arms of the chair as her whole body lay limp as slipped into a drug induced stupor!!! Big Solly nodded at his men who half carried the First Lady into an adjoining room where for the next four days she was fed a constant diet of pure heroin!!! On day number five, for the first time she was denied her usual fix!!! Then it began, the sweats, the fever, and of course the begging, she was hooked and she knew it but there wasn't a thing she could do about it!!! Big Solly came into her room and stood at the foot of her bed and said softly, The boys here say you wanted to

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