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#379016 - So over the next few days Kim was very at tentative to Sam's advances and showed she was keen and enjoyed his company and attention , that evening we went to the night club but before going we all changed into casual clothes I got changed first and told her to take her time as Sam was at the door so we both went down and waited for Kim to arrive , wow she entered with a bang short dress high heels stockings and her hair in a bun , she looked stunning and sexy both Sam and I stared with erections we all danced till early morning and Sam got to feel her body all over and Kim got to feel his huge cock not actually but only pressed against her ass , we went to the bar for last drinks and they went out to the deck for fresh air as I carrying the drinks I saw Sam standing behind her massaging her shoulders and nibbling her neck and then it happened she turned and there mouths met and that's when I knew she was ready for Sam there tongues were deep in each mouth and both were suckin

Read Vibrator となりのあのこがかわいくて! - Jujutsu kaisen Milf Porn となりのあのこがかわいくて!

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