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#170636 - “Oi, stop standing about, dads been calling you for the past five minutes, lunch is ready” I turned and there, hands on hips with her head on a slight angle was Sarah, in tight jeans I was surprised that they hadn’t torn, then I realised, I was wearing my favourite skinny jeans, I wore them a fair bit because they were so comfortable, but with my hard-on they were slightly uncomfortable in their tightness, Sarah must have realised this because, I saw, her cheeks had a slight red tinge to them, the same tinge she got when she was embarrassed. “oh come on, what are you now, self-conscious, I’m getting changed right here, why aren’t you” I didn’t think she was serious until she began pull off her top, I just stood there stunned as it came up over the top of her bra, it was modest at least, but still, this was the first girl I had seen like this, outside porn of course, and it made me embarrassed more than anything. “Oi, where do you think you are going?” I thought it would have been o

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