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#280963 - She runs her tongue around her lips, looking like a cat who has just emptied a bowl of cream – and I did cream, oh yes, I creamed for you, my sleek cat, my pussy-cat . I catch up with my honey as she stands unlocking the front door of our house, and, because it is out of view from the other houses nearby, I come up close behind her, slip my arms around her waist and then up her front to cup her shapely 30C breasts (in the summer, if she has just a T-shirt on, I’ll run my hands underneath it and squeeze her tits in their bra, or sometimes she isn’t wearing one and I stroke their cool firm flesh). She stands above me, totally nude, her hands resting akimbo on her hips, her pointy tits silhouetted against the white ceiling of the room, so that I am gazing directly up between her legs at her pussy.

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