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#231377 - I knew my wife was making sounds, but I thought at first they were just her normal sexual innuendos, those that came forth while she was in the throes of her sexual release. Watching my piss stream all over her sluttish prot? as she sat there stretched out innocently on the ground was in her exalted words “Awesome” . My wife however from the sounds, had managed to get herself off with a fairly good come as for Mary Jane, I was unable to tell just how satisfied she had become.

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Misuzu kamio
I think i d blow my load just being in the same room with her
Mei hatsume
Hey i know you probably don t understand a word i m saying but i gotta tell you you re the most beautiful woman i ever seen in my life and i d like to strip you down and butter you like a slice of wonder bread and pour honey all over your naked body