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#79141 - V. Alex stared at the memo for a minute or two, letting the magnitude of what he was reading sink in!!! If, and this was a big if, if this was true, V was taking part in a little insider trading, a definite no-no!!! Alex shoved the crumpled note into his shirt pocket and continued with his rounds!!! He got home at around six thirty in the morning, and as was his custom, he put on a pot of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table to read the morning paper, but his thoughts kept coming back to the memo he had found in V's garbage!!! He sat down at his already booted up computer, went into his e-mail site and typed, Am intrigued by your interest in Bolling Industries, let's meet and see if we have anything else in common.

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What a beautiful lady with a beautiful hentai always the best
Hope she lifts with her legs not her back