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#366386 - The front door was wide open of course, and there were people everywhere, I was in the back garden just replenishing someones’ glass, when I looked up and saw this absolute vision of a girl standing just inside the door, wearing a flowing plain gold sari which just seemed to accentuate every curve and movement of her body, rather than hide it! I was dumb-struck, thankfully I wasn’t actually pouring the drink at the time – otherwise they would have had it in her lap! She just stood by the door and scanned round the room with a confident gaze, until she saw me. I stood up straight and put the bottle down thinking ‘I am NOT going to miss out on an opportunity like THIS!’, and as she reached me I grasped her firmly by the waist and planted a gentle kiss on both cheeks; I DO always greet females this way, but I must admit that on this occasion it was a fractionally slower process than is my norm! And to my delight, her response was not the usual “MWAH MWAH” just past each ear, but

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