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#130644 - lyin exhausted, pleased with myself I slip those knixs under my pillow, there night is only beginnin, as im cleaning myself up my phone startles me with a beep beep, What!! Its from Rachel? Confused an worried I open the message hey lil bro, do me a fav an try not to get any of your messy cum on that thong, I wanna wear it tomorrow night xx Love big sis xx. Firstly let me tell you about my amazing sister, Rachel or Rach as most ppl including me an mom call her, is 19 an recently just moved down to belfast for uni, but shes home every friday evening an stays till monday morning, her being away is hard on my mom since its just us an her since dad left yrs ago, but no one reali understands the extend of how much I miss my miss my alluring big sis, I spend my wk like a love sick horny lil pup, im always at home on Friday night for when she got home, You'd understand it you saw her, 5'10 ish slim figure, long tender legs, long flowin dark dark brown hair runnin over her shoulde

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