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#234991 - this is my very 2nd story i have made so here goes Hope you like it 5 long years i have been with my girlfriend and 5 year to the date i decided to pop the question Jennifer will you mary me After 5 years me knowing each other i thought that her reply would be yes and she would of said it straight away but jennifer said no Well those were the word that i was dreading to hear but she continued she said i want to marry you but there is a couple things that i need to hear fistly are you going to ever give me up are you ever going to let me down are you going to run around and desert me are you going to make me cry are you ever going to say goodbye are you gonna tell me a lie or hurt me After that speech i had forgotten what the dirt one was but i managed to remember i am never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down. Another 5 years have past and now i am 30.

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