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#103941 - This is your fifth or sixth date with Peter, isn't it dear, Mirnada Dayne asked her daughter, Naomi!?! The seventh, Namoi replied proudly, and I think he really likes me mom!!! I'm sure he does, dear, she replied gently, does he know about us yet, I mean have you given him even the tiniest of hints!?! Uh, not yet, Naomi replied thoughtfully, I don't want to scare him off, what do you think I should do, mom!?! Have you had sex with him yet, her mother casually asked!?! Of course I have, the young girl replied quickly, I thought that a taste of the sugar might keep him on my string!!! Mmmmm, that's very wise, Miranda Dayne replied proudly, that's the same way I landed your father, keep giving them a little more and a little more until they can't do with out it!!! That was my very thought, Namoi replied while pouring them both glasses of iced tea, in fact last night I let Peter ejaculate into my mouth, you should have seen how wild


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