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#190745 - Anyways, I had moved from a public school to a Catholic School because it was what my parents wanted, and during the first few months i had quite a bit to do with the priest at our school. He began pushing harder and harder and faster, i could feel his cock pounding the inside of my cunt walls and it felt so so good, the walls of my cunt began to contract slowly, building up to a climax, mike continued fucking me, faster and faster, telling me how good i was and how tight i am oooooh yes its been yearss ooooh yes oooooh yes all i could say was hharder hharder fuck me fuck me!!! ooooh yes kris im gunna blow im guna blow and the thought of that sent me over the edge as everything in my vagina gave in and i let out a soft but pleasurable moan at the bliss of a sweet orgasm, not long after the moan mike pulled outand i let him blow over my stomach, the years of celibacy showed as he squirted out one massive load, squirt one was big and the other 5 were equaly the same, he collapsed

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