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#138394 - While running though the tunnel Jerry finally reached the end and saw how the tunnel ended passed the electric fence She is a smart one, ill give her that much seeing the naked foot prince on the ground Maybe not that smart, she didn’t even bother to cover her tracks he said as he got on a radio Gene, looks like they are headed west into the woods, get to the loading dock were taking a truck and going after them, over he said hearing Roger that, be there in a minute, over. GET OUT OF THE FUCKING CAR YOU BACK STABBING LITTLE CUNT!! Jerry yelled as George unlocked the car door pulling out two sets of hand cuffs, Jessica steps out of the car But Jerry you know you love me to much, can you forgive me? Jessica said rubbing his hardening cock, grabbing her arms Jerry quickly took a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her hands tight behind her back Not this time cunt, the only thing I’m going to love is prepping your ass to roast He replied. Meet me on the loading dock no later

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