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#288003 - “You ready,” Debbie asked her friend Maureen as she stopped by her best friend’s desk, “I can’t wait another minute, I’m just about ready to burst!?!” “Me too,” Mo replied while putting the finishing touches on a report that Mr. Bently’s office, “are yours full, mine feel like they’re gonna explode!?!” Mo slipped into Bently’s office and dropped the report on his desk, and after making sure that he couldn’t miss it, she let Debbie take her by the arm and lead down the hall to the nursing room which was located just across from the lunchroom! Once inside they locked the door and settled down in two of the easy chairs their company had provided, and in a workman like manner both of them removed their blouses and bras!!! “Good god, I feel like such a cow,” Debbie muttered under her breath while connecting one of her nipples to an industrial strength breast pump sitting on a table next to her chair, “and to think that I’m gonna have to do this for another year!!!” Mo was busy with her own

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Nagi sanzenin
Your moans and sighs are unbelievably erotic so much fun thank you
Nanao ise
Thank youuu