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#334376 - Gourry looking dumb for a moment, Yes I have heard of you the great Lina, Lina the bandit, or was it Lina the bandit killer, I can never remember that part but everyone around hear knows you as a very evil girl, I think ill have to stick close by you for awhile to see you don’t cause any trouble in the town ahead Gourry said looking very serious, You got to be kidding me, right? Lina asked stopping in her tracks to look back at the man standing behind her, Nope very serious, Im Gourry the good, I saved you back there, so now I have to protect you from other bandits who would want you on a spit Gourry said as Lina turned to continue walking, I don’t need a protector Im a big girl Lina said, Looked to me like you needed a protector back there, I did find you with a spit through you, did I not? Gourry replied, Ya I guess so, hey what’s up with that spit anyway? Lina asked looking to Gourry and stopped walking. Haa Haaa Haaaa, Ohh really Lina!! Replied a voice from above

Read Gorda Botsuraku Ojou-sama Kyousei Fuuzoku Ochi Last - Original Cuck Botsuraku Ojou-sama Kyousei Fuuzoku Ochi Last

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