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#209488 - Amy and i began hooking up in the toilet on a regular basis when we had condoms on us she would ride me and take my cock in her mouth as she swallows my load , at times where we didint have condoms we would 69 each other back then i wasn't a big fan of eating pussy so most of the time she would suck my cock and i would finger her but every hookup would end with my cum going straight down her throat that was always the best part of hooking up with Amy just watching my cock fill up her mouth with my cum and watch her swallow it down slowly with a smile i could never get bored of that. I was just at lunch break at school and really wanted a root but i had no condoms and no money to buy condoms same thing with Amy and i knew she wanted it as bad as i did normally if we didint have a condom we would do oral sex but i wanted to fuck i needed my cock inside her we ended up ditching school once again to go to the park i ended up talking to her about the whole no condom

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