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#364447 - He took it further down traversing her groins and exposing her fleshy plump calves, until it passed her ankles and was ultimately off, he thought to himself that this was such a pathetic way to fuck her while asleep, he of course wished to have her as the delicious meal that she is, while she is awake and watching. She began kissing him back, and turned to face him where her hands embraced his trunk, and one of them began stroking his erection, he smiled, while unbuttoning her blouse open, un-clasping her blue lace bra, revealing her breasts! He was nearly out of breath during that moment, for the first time he finally sees her breasts, the ones which he has been fantasizing about for the last five years, they were just gorgeous and extremely sexy, her breasts were in the size of a small melon each, very, very soft and ripe, extremely hot, as if they were on fire, redundant in her lay-back, dangling on both sides of her chest, with brown, full, firm, cherry-sized nipples, in th

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