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#111241 - This is the story of my first time with our experienced Stud Dog, King, in the Fall of 1977 after I became a Junior in High School. I could only keep it up for a minute (that seemed an eternity!), which finally became impossible to contain as his knot swelled my cheeks out and became too big to hold, so I pulled back and yanked my mouth off him in a splash of goo and I fell to the side. Naturally Gene brought it up, “Why don’t you try to blow King today…I’ll hold him!” and I eagerly agreed! King was also very much an Alpha dog, I had tried to blow him once by myself after I had been sucking Max and he had gotten very aggressive and unruly, but we figured Gene could hold him by the collar while I tried to blow King and maybe even Gene could fuck me from behind if we got the stud dog calmed down enough.

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