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#341496 - uhh…uhh. are both the girls on the chaise lounges…. I was pulled from my thoughts by Denise coming back out the door followed by a stunningly beautiful brunette girl that was about 5’5” 118 with most likely 38C’s, “Steve, this is Charlene Evans, who everyone calls Charlie, Charlie, this is Steve Edwards, the man of my fantasies” as I blush (what the hell 49 year old men don’t blush do they?) Denise says “nice to meet you Steve, you’re a lot hotter than Denise said you were” Charlie says in a sultry voice, once again a teenage female has me at a loss for words, and my cheeks burn a deeper shade of red, unfortunately my little head does not suffer from the same affliction, as my cock tries to rise up and introduce itself, luckily it happened to be pointed down the leg of my shorts, unluckily it happened to be about 1 1/2 “ longer than the leg of the shorts I had on, both girls have a pretty good view of my cockhead, both of them stare at it and almost as one say “mmm” I stammer out, “a

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