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#200475 - Knowing I have all of eternity to enjoy being worshipped as a God by my Nerothians, enjoying both my public and secret entertaiment and accompanied by my friend Richter for 1000 years { as long as he keeps winning } eternal life is good. My people see me as a kind, loving God but I must also show them how powerful I am so wearing my Ribbon Device as soon as the match begins in the Arena I activate the Ribbon Device sending Richter flying against the cage. Another thing I learned from the fall of the System Lords is that being an evil and cruel God can and will result in a rebellion from the Humans who used to worship you so while I do enjoy watching Human females get brutally and viciously fucked by my Unas no one knows about it and I always wipe the females memory of it before sending her back plus healing the sick and injured during my daily worship shows my people that I'm a kind and loving God.

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Satoshi fukube
Privatized healthcare was more affordable and more accessible to more people than the mess we have today
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