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#348885 - “Come here sis” I ask “and lick our cocks clean”, she comes over and starts to lick and suck mine and dads cock, “oh sis, you sure are good at sucking cock”, “she should be” dad says “she sucked off every male member of our family, since she started at sixteen”. All we can hear sis saying is “don’t fucking stop and cum inside me”, I look over at mom who is fingering her pussy and pulling anal beads out of her ass slowly, thinking to my self, who would a thought that I would lose my virgity like this, the way I have always wanted. Dad pats me on the back “when your mom wakes up, she is going to be very happy, she has been wanting to fuck you since that night when you came to the room crying, with no underpants on, I think you where twelve, you just had your first wet dream, the doctor told us to not let you sleep with any underwear on since, you were very large for your age, you come in crying because you thought your penis was broken and bleeding.

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